Rules and Regulations

Down Payment

It is 100 EUR for bookings that require a deposit per person, regardless of age. This must be given to GO PLACES no later than the date specified in the booking confirmation or reservation proposal. If this is not done in time, we cannot guarantee that the reservation remains or that the reservation has the same price. The deposit is deducted from the total. The deposit can be refunded NOT what the cancellation, or if after the paid deposit does not fulfill your reservation. For Round the World trips, the down payment of 10% of the total trip price includes taxes.

Responsibility for the Execution of the Journey

GO PLACES is not responsible for any schedule changes, canceled flights, lost luggage or other events related to air travel performance.

Such events are the responsibility of the respective airlines alone.  Claims arising from any such events shall be made directly to the airline.

Modification and Verification of Information

It is very important when booking flight tickets that both first and last name match how they are written in the passport. Flight tickets are personal and it is not possible to change a booking already made. It is also very important that you check both the outbound and inbound travel dates that these match with your overall travel plan before completing the booking. Do this check for every individual flight before payment. 

Traveler’s Responsibility

The traveler is obliged to review the travel conditions before purchase, and the traveler is committed to always check:

  • The booking details are correct. If in doubt, notify GO PLACES immediately.
  • The spelling of the names on the reservation match the spelling of the names in the passports.
  • Flight times and any schedule changes on both the departure and return travel.
  • Which airport terminal your departure flight is made from.
  • Visa for final destination and/or any intermediate stops.
  • All the vaccinations required for the trip are up to date.
  • Passport rules, and the validity of the passport. Some countries require that your passport is valid for at least 6 months after your return date.
  • For travel to and/or through the United States, ensure you are aware of the stricter conditions regarding passports and requirements for machine-readable passports. The US Embassy will know what applies to you.
  • The airline you book allows passengers under 18 to travel on their own, read more here!
  • Transportation and hotel for airport transfers on arrival and departure dates.

Depending on the airline and itinerary you choose to book,  transport between different airports can occur. You are responsible for the cost of this transport and inspection of the shipment schedule.

If you have booked a trip with an overnight stay during the journey, you are responsible to book and pay for hotel and transport to and from the hotel. This also applies to any schedule changes from airlines outside of GO PLACES control and responsibility.


For all reservations made after June 01, 2008, all travelers will receive an electronic ticket (e-ticket). You will get an electronic ticket via the email address you provided when booking. We recommend that you always have your ticket available along the way. It has all the important information such as booking reference, flight number, travel times, etc. When booking return tickets, you cannot disregard the arrival flight and use only the return ticket. In doing so, the whole trip may be canceled by the airline and there is no refund for the ticket. Airfare prices are shown to include airport taxes. On departure from certain destinations such as in Africa and South America, you must also pay a local fee that is approximately 12-75 EUR per person.

Flight Times

All flight times shown are local. GO PLACES only mediates airline tickets and cannot be held responsible for any schedule changes, cancellations or baggage which are not included in the ticket price. This is solved directly with the respective airlines.

Amendment of Schedule

Please note that the flight times on your booking confirmation are preliminary and may change with short notice. The airline schedules are beyond our control and it is to the discretion of the airline to make schedule changes. You, the customer, are responsible to verify the flight times of any connecting and/or return flight directly with the airline in the country you are in, and to reconfirm your reservation 72 hours prior to the current trip. Change of flight times are not entitled to a price reduction, compensation trip, damages, or other compensation.


GO PLACES is not responsible for informing you about schedule changes or cancellations, nor for cancellation due to environmental catastrophe, warlike event, strike, or other significant event which obviously presents a risk of flight cancellation or danger to the traveler before or during the trip.


Tickets are related to the final payment and are registered with us. This ticket now becomes non-refundable. If the flight ticket permits rebooking of a return flight, a rebooking may be made in good time before the original travel date, directly with the airline. In some cases, this may occur via GO PLACES, but may be subject to additional fees in addition to the airline rebooking fee.


You may book yourself any hotel, GO PLACES only proposes or suggests different tour companies or direct booking of hotels. To make any changes to an established booking on-the-spot and directly with the hotel, it does not guarantee you the right to remuneration or compensation from GO PLACES.

Transportation and Hotel for Airport Transfers

Remember that it is your responsibility to hold a valid passport. It is equally valid that you are responsible for holding any visa that relates to the final destination, as well as any transit visas or visas at intermediate stops. You, the traveler, are responsible for any costs that arise due to shortcomings in the mentioned formalities.


Children that have not reached two years of age before the journey has been completed can be booked as infants. This means that the child does not have their own seat and must sit on an adult’s lap. If the child reaches two years of age during the journey, a child ticket reservation must be made for the entire trip. GO PLACES will not reimburse any costs that may arise in connection to the wrong type of ticket booked. We cannot guarantee requests such as allowing baby food and infant cradle on an aircraft, airlines may make changes afterwards.

Complaints and Concerns

Any problems or complaints during the course of the trip can be forwarded directly to the supplier (airlines, car rental companies, hotels, etc.). You must be able to produce receipts to claim compensation for additional costs. These are attached, and you must have written confirmation of any agreement between you and the supplier. You will receive no remuneration or compensation directly from the supplier, it normally lapses right to compensation afterwards. Complaints that are not replaced and/or compensated during the journey, goes directly to GO PLACES for investigation. Complaints are handled only in writing and shall be directed to GO PLACES no later than one month after the end of the journey. To be directed to the address, click here!

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