Central America

Experience different cultures among wonderful views, beautiful beaches, high mountains and ancient rainforests of Central America. You will have your choice of wonderful adventures, like  the Maja ruins in Belize, wonderful Costa Rica, or enjoying the miles of sandy beaches in Panama.

Travel to Central America to experience beautiful cultures, breathtaking views, and relaxing beaches. Choose between adventure and pure relaxation. GO PLACES can tailor and adapt trips for you and your needs.


Honduras is a vibrant country that is brimming with brilliant turquoise waters, pristine beaches, jungle life, breathtaking mountains, challenging rivers, and fascinating ancient ruins. Vast expanses of stunning nature is […]

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El Salvador

El Salvador has some of the world’s best outdoor adventures and stunning natural scenery! Visit historic museums depicting memorable wars, walk along the lush trails through the clouds on the […]

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Belize is an ideal destination for those who want to experience tropical climate with beautiful scenery. In Belize, you can visit the historic Mayan temples, and, for those who like […]

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Costa Rica

Visit the “rich coast” of Costa Rica in Central America. A trip here will surround you with beautiful scenery and stunning wildlife. For those who like to surf or just […]

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Guatemala is located in Central America and is bordered in the northeast by Belize, in the south by El Salvador and Honduras and in the north by Mexico. There are […]

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