Round the World with Maldives

Stockholm – Maldives – Bali – Sydney – Samoa – Fiji – Hawaii – Stockholm

Price from 3,078 EUR per person, including  taxes!

Picture yourself relaxing by the beach, snorkeling in the world’s best reefs, and letting your adventurous side out to play. That’s what you’ll get with the Around the World Medium 2 trip, where it’s all about tropical destinations. See the perfection of Samoa’s reefs and spend your days relaxing on the beach with the ocean breeze. Visit America’s own tropical paradise and surf, hike up volcanoes, and enjoy relaxed island life. Whether you choose to just relax or spend your days exploring, this trip will suit anyone that loves the ocean, the warm air, and the tropical, laidback lifestyle

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  • Maldiverna, Indian Ocean

  • Bali, Indonesia

    Bali, Indonesien
  • Sydney, Australia

    Sydney, Australien

On our Round the World with Maldives, the first destination is the lovely Maldives. A calm, relaxing start of your vacation with barefoot walking and soft white beaches. Enjoy the sun and the beach, maybe try snorkeling in the blue water, just like swimming in a tropical aquarium! Later you will be able to explore Bali, Indonesia. Here you can try white water rafting, see waterfalls and walk through tropical jungles.
The big city of Sydney awaits you next in Australia. Just as beautiful as it is fun – Try out a restaurant or café by the water with a view over Sydney Opera House and Sydney Harbour Bridge

  • Fiji, South Pacific

    Fiji, Söderhavet
  • Samoa, South Pacific

    Samoa, Söderhavet
  • Honolulu, Hawaii, USA

    Honolulu, Hawaii, USA

The Fiji Islands consist of several paradise islands in the Pacific Ocean, a total of 300 beautiful islands imbedded by the coral reefs. Island hopping is the best way to get around. On the island of Samoa the nature is strikingly stunning. Enjoy the white beaches and sand soft as pillows together with the turquoise waters that give this special place an unique vibe. The big city of Honolulu on the island Oahu in Hawaii you can walk by the shoreline on famous Waikiki Beach. Here you will find many sights, entertainment and shopping.

  • Los Angeles, Kalifornien, USA

    Los Angeles, Kalifornien, USA

California’s biggest city is considered a dream destination for many people, so in honor of those people, this trip ends with exciting Los Angeles. Famouos Walk of Fame and Hollywood Boulevard are top sightseeing places for this destination! Explore endless shopping, food for every taste, entertainment in every form and fun for the whole family. A lovely end to Go Places Round the World with Maldives!.

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