Far East

Borneo, Thailand, Philippines – in far east of Asia you will find a stunning mixture of culture and natural beauty!

A lovely mix of different religions, cultures and nations. Spend a weekend in Beijing, go sunbathing and swimming in Thailand, trek through Borneo’s deep jungle, or dive among manta rays and sharks in the Philippines. In the far east of Asia you will find a stunning mixture of culture and natural beauty!


China is an enchanted land, also called the Middle Kingdom. With its multi-millennial history, amazing natural variation with green rice fields to the mountains and deep valleys, China is a […]

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Papua New Guinea

Above Australia lies Papua New Guinea, which offers the ultimate adventure. Papua New Guinea is located in Oceania, and Port Moresby is the capital. It speaks mainly English and Tok […]

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The Philippines is a dream with crystal clear water, lots of colorful fish and thousands of islands to explore! Hike the volcanoes, relax on the long stretches of sandy beaches […]

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Indonesia is a country made up of islands, consisting of 18,108 islands. A large portion of the islands are still unexplored and only 6,000 islands are inhabited. The archipelago is […]

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We specialize in trips to Asia and we can arrange the perfect Thailand travel experience for you!  Go shopping and spend beautiful, lazy days at one of Thailand’s untouched beaches, […]

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