The Caribbean provides many a picture of deserted beaches in Martinique, crystal clear waters in Barbados, a hammock under a palm tree in Tobago, or flashing lights inside a pulsing nightclub with a reggae boom in Jamaica.

This paradise for travelers gives one a sense of calm beaches, turquoise waters, hammocks rocking to the tune of the warm breeze, and colorful buildings bathed in warm light. With over 7,000 islands, islets, reefs and islets in the region, the Caribbean attracts many with its beauty.


Barbados, sometimes called “Caribbean Jewel”, has a high level of education, political stability and good infrastructure.  This contributes to a well-organized and harmonious vacation spot. Barbados, which is a relatively […]

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When you come to Aruba, you feel immediately welcome. The Dutch island of Aruba is located only 24 kilometers from Venezuela. Daytime temperatures are around 28°c all year round, and […]

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